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Timeline: April 2023 - September 2023

Project Type: Work

My role: Web Developer

Tools: TypeScript, React, CSS, Netlify

The creation of the MMB Planning website was driven by a profound sense of purpose, particularly due to its association with a startup architecture firm. As the sole developer and designer, I undertook the task of not only constructing the website but also crafting the logo and front-end design elements.

Working in tandem with the startup's vision, I meticulously designed a modern and professional logo that encapsulated MMB Planning's essence. The logo serves as a visual representation of the firm's commitment to innovation and precision in architectural planning.

The website itself was developed using React, TypeScript, and CSS, with a focus on creating a user-friendly and informative platform. Every front-end design element was carefully chosen to convey the professionalism and contemporary nature of MMB Planning's services. This website not only elevates the startup's online presence but also provides a seamless avenue for potential clients to explore their portfolio and expertise. In essence, it serves as a powerful tool to establish and promote the firm's presence in the architectural field.


The goals of creating the MMB Planning website are rooted in establishing a dynamic online presence for the planning firm, showcasing its diverse and innovative portfolio. The primary objective is to offer a comprehensive platform that effectively communicates MMB Planning's expertise and capabilities in the field. Through thoughtful design and strategic organization, the website aims to present an engaging visual narrative of the firm's past projects, emphasizing its commitment to precision and innovation in planning.


In conducting research for the MMB Planning website, a comprehensive exploration of the region's top-rated architecture and planning firms was undertaken. This strategic analysis aimed to identify the key features and challenges addressed by their respective websites, providing valuable insights into industry best practices. Notably, a recurring trend among these firms was the prominent placement of a contact option on the homepage, emphasizing the importance of facilitating easy communication with potential clients. Additionally, the investigation revealed that showcasing a portfolio was a common and integral element of each website, underscoring the significance of visual storytelling to convey a firm's style and expertise. Furthermore, the research illuminated the unanimous practice of prominently displaying main services on the front page, offering users immediate clarity on the range of offerings. This thorough examination of industry leaders laid the groundwork for informed decision-making in crafting the MMB Planning website, ensuring alignment with established norms while incorporating unique elements to distinguish the firm within the competitive landscape.


Must Haves

  1. Portfolio Showcase: A dedicated portfolio section is essential to showcase MMB Planning's past projects. High-quality images and detailed descriptions should be included to provide visitors with a comprehensive understanding of the firm's expertise and capabilities.

  2. Services Page: A clear and concise services page outlining the range of planning services MMB Planning offers is crucial. This section should provide detailed information about the firm's areas of specialization, methodologies, and any unique approaches they bring to the planning process.

  3. Contact Page: A user-friendly contact page features relevant contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and a contact form. This ensures potential clients, collaborators, or interested parties can easily reach out to MMB Planning.

  4. About Us Section: An "About Us" section is essential to provide background information on MMB Planning, including the firm's mission, values, and the team behind its success. This adds a personal touch and helps build trust with visitors.

Nice to haves

  1. Testimonials or Case Studies: Incorporating client testimonials or detailed case studies can build credibility and showcase the real-world impact of MMB Planning's work. This adds a valuable layer of authenticity for potential clients.​

  2. Social Media Integration: Integrating social media links or feeds allows MMB Planning to connect with a broader audience and provides an additional channel for sharing updates and engaging with clients and followers.

Site map

The site map for the MMB Planning website is strategically designed to provide a clear and user-friendly navigation experience. The home page is the central hub, offering a concise overview of MMB Planning's identity and highlighting key sections. The "Services" page outlines the range of planning and architectural solutions provided. The "Projects" page allows visitors to explore the firm's past projects with detailed descriptions and images.. The "Contact" page offers various contact options, ensuring seamless communication between MMB Planning and its audience.

Site map.JPG


In creating the user interface design and logo for MMB, I leveraged the capabilities of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I employed a combination of the software's tools to produce a visually appealing and intuitive design. 


Final Design

Creating the MMB Planning website was a thoughtful journey where design and development came together seamlessly. The site was carefully constructed using React, TypeScript, and CSS, allowing for an interactive and responsive user interface.


The home page gives important information on the companys services

Home reno.JPG

The graphics created allow the user to visualize the types of  services that are available


Contacting the company is now made easy with an option to book a visit on the website

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