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Timeline: January 2023 - April 2023

Project Type: Project

My role: Web Developer

Tools: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Node JS, MongoDB, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Figma

Secrets is a Journal Entry website that allows users to create & store personal journals with customized covers. Users can create multiple journals, each with its own unique title. Entries are private and stored for later use and viewing. It's a great way to document one's thoughts, feelings and experiences. 


pencil up-19.png

The primary goals behind developing the Secrets journal entry website were centred on providing users with a secure and customizable platform for personal expression. The first objective involved implementing user-friendly login and signup features, enabling individuals to create and manage their unique accounts effortlessly. This not only ensured privacy but also established a personalized space within the platform. The second key goal was to empower users to contribute their own entries, fostering an environment of genuine self-expression and reflection. Finally, the website aimed to seamlessly save user logins and entries, prioritizing the preservation of personal narratives. In essence, the core goals of Secrets revolved around creating an accessible, secure, and user-driven space that encourages and safeguards the diverse stories and reflections of its users.



User research for the Secrets journal entry website would involve gathering insights to understand user needs, preferences, and challenges in interacting with the platform. Usability testing with potential users navigating the website would help identify user interface issues, potential improvements, and overall user satisfaction. Feedback on the signup process, customization features, and the overall user journey would be crucial. In addition to direct user feedback, comprehensive user research for the Secrets journal entry website would also involve a thorough analysis of other similar journaling applications in the market. This comparative analysis would aim to identify strengths, weaknesses, and unique features of competing platforms. Examining user reviews and testimonials for these apps could provide insights into common user expectations and areas of improvement. Understanding the competitive landscape helps in discerning trends, best practices, and innovative functionalities that could potentially enhance the Secrets platform. This research could also unveil gaps or unmet needs in existing solutions, guiding the development team in making strategic decisions about new features or improvements to set Secrets apart in the market. By learning from the successes and challenges of other journaling apps, Secrets can iteratively refine its user interface, features, and overall user experience to better cater to the diverse needs of its users.

Use Scenario


As a university student, Alex's main goal is to efficiently document daily experiences, academic reflections, and personal thoughts. With a hectic schedule, a streamlined journaling process is crucial. Given the fast-paced nature of student life, the need for a streamlined and hassle-free journaling process is essential.


Alex's frustrations would arise from a complicated journaling process that hinders the quick and easy documentation of daily experiences, academic reflections, and personal thoughts. A lack of privacy features compromising the secure storage of personal reflections would be a significant drawback. Limited customization options might impede the desired individuality in journal entries, causing frustration for someone who wishes to express their unique perspective



Must haves:


  1. Unique Usernames: Allow each user to sign up with a distinct and unique username to personalize their experience.

  2. Customizable Journal Entries: Enable users to create journal entries and customize each one by selecting a cover of their choice, fostering a personalized and visually appealing journaling experience.

  3. Unique Entry Titles: Implement a feature that ensures each journal entry has a unique title, promoting organization and preventing duplication in user entries.

  4. Homepage Display: Showcase the user's journals on the homepage for easy access, providing a convenient way to view and manage past entries. Include options for deletion to maintain a clutter-free journaling space.

  5. User Settings for Account Management: Incorporate a user-friendly settings section where users can modify their username or password, offering flexibility while ensuring all their existing journals are retained. This feature adds convenience and personal control to the user experience.

Nice to haves

  1. Page Customization: Introduce a page customization feature allowing users to choose from various themes, enabling them to personalize the colours of each page. This enhances the visual appeal and allows for a tailored journaling experience.

  2. Quick Edit Button: Implement a quick edit button for users to make swift changes to their entries. This feature ensures flexibility and efficiency in managing and refining journal content.

  3. Share Option: Integrate a share option, enabling users to send their journal entries to others on the site. This collaborative feature fosters a sense of community and allows users to share experiences or collaborate on shared projects within the platform.

User Flow

User flow.JPG

Low Fidelity Wireframes 

Once I understood the tasks the user would experience, I designed the process by creating low-fidelity wireframes.



In creating the user interface design for Secrets, I leveraged the capabilities of Adobe Illustrator and Figma. I used the software's tools to produce a visually appealing and intuitive design. 

logo it.JPG
artbrd it.JPG

Final Design

The end result was a streamlined, contemporary layout that effectively communicated the journaling concept while providing a seamless user experience. The UI design was a blueprint for the website's front-end development, ensuring a consistent aesthetic and user experience throughout the platform.

The user can login, or create an account!

The homepage allows the user to read their personallized journal entry.

The user can create journal entries and customize each entry with a cover of their choosing

If the user wishes to change their username or password, they can go to settings where they can change their information while keeping all of their journals.

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